Welcome to Spaceibles!
The first digital market for space art, collectibles, and more.

Space art is some of the first expressions and creations by humans in history. For years we've been investing in Space related art and fashion to create a better emotional bridge between space and the public while empowering artists and creators. We even created the first Space Art NFT Exhibition featuring Danuta Rothchild's art as Phygital NFTs.
Since we came out with Copernic Space, space companies, enthusiasts, artists, photographers, and various types of organizations have demanded we create a home in the Web3 world for their digital and physical creations.

We decided that earth needed a home for all of the great space-related creations that we hold dear.

Welcome to the home for space art, mission patches, photography, fashion, and more kinds digital and phygital space works we call Spaceibles.

Spaceibles on Copernic Space
What can you do on Spaceibles?
So what can you do on Spaceibles?
your digital or phygital (physical work tied to NFT) Spaceibles.
Mint here
listings and sell them on our market.
Create here
space assets and and trade Spaceibles
Buy here
space assets and and trade Spaceibles
Sell here
your Spaceibles to Assets on our SpaceMart - sending it to the ISS + more
Attach here
digital and phygital Spaceibles.
Discovere here
your Spaceibles IRL space activities and utilities - events, memberships + more.
Use here
With Spaceibles you can expand your access to collectors and take your Space creations literally into space.
By joining our Spaceibles Community you will:

  • Win space asset opportunities for your Spaceibles;
  • Have access to the Spaceibles dedicated channel on Discord where you can meet other Artists and collectors;
  • Receive a personal Referral Link to earn for sharing with new buyers (coming soon);
  • Have access to various exclusive events before everyone else.
About Copernic Space
Copernic Space is the web3 marketplace to access ownership and opportunities in space. We tokenize space assets and ventures to facilitate economic participation and growth in the most valuable market for life on earth.

The sale of tokenized payload space on Lunar Outpost's MAPP Rover headed to the Moon is currently available on the Copernic Space marketplace.

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