'Our collaboration with Polygon will help bring space assets to millions of people' - said Grant Blaisdell, CEO Copernic Space.

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June 8/ 2022
— Why is the cooperation with Polygon so important?
— Our collaboration helps us deliver features and capabilities that enable a wider segment of the market to buy, sell and manage space assets on our NFT powered marketplace we call SpaceMart.

Using one of the most efficient, innovative and user friendly blockchain networks at the moment helps us limit transaction fees and fractionalize assets in a way that allows the general public to easily participate for the first time. Making sure the first true space asset, in this case Moon asset as well, be as accessible as possible was among our top priorities and values.

With Polygon helping us enable high scalability and low transaction costs, we are delivering a legitimate solution to the space economy, which creates true commercial space assets and a market with it.

Having a leading entity in Web3 such as Polygon standing with us to create the economic foundation for space is further proof of the potential and importance of what Copernic Space is building. Economic access and ownership in space for the public is right around the corner, it just requires solutions such as ours to provide the economic operating system of the digital space economy that opens easy participation.

Polygon is also a much more environmentally sustainable solution compared to its peers and has placed a large financial investment to further develop in that direction. At Copernic Space we're actively working on envronmentally focused space applciations such as our Satellite Rhino case and believe many of the most effective environmental solutions for Earth will be provided by companies on our platform and their advancements in space technology. So working with Polygon also gives us a great way to collaboratively further lead in that direction.
— What is this digital space economy you are building that this collaboration contributes to?
— My family and Copernic Space represent 3 generations of builders in the space economy and we created Copernic Space to be the foundation for the digital space economy. Space is already a $500b market, is set to be $1T very soon and our board advisor Kevin O'Connell thinks it will be $3T within that time span.

It is privatizing and urgently requires new commercialization and investment models to fuel the 10,000+ companies offering space assets of some kind. Private investors are demanding more access with a record setting $14.5b invested in 2021 and new investment records being set each quarter. All these companies, buyers, and investors need a platform to connect & transact according to how economies function today and in the future. This economic marketplace of space assets and ventures represents the new space economy. It will be digital and the public will play a pivotal role in it.
— What is the example of space assets that can be managed on the SpaceMart?
— Take the example that's live on the marketplace, Lunar Outpost's MAPP Rover headed to the Moon in 2023. We enabled Lunar Outpost to tokenize their commercial payload cargo and offer it to the commercial and retail market. We not only allow them to better sell physical payload ownership that enables buyers to send payload to the Moon, but have create a unique space asset as an NFT representing that payload that can be further divided and sold on our marketplace. Although this particular space asset represents payload on a Rover, we will be providing a whole range of space assets representing different things such as digital payload on the ISS, satellite data and imagery access, to even space art and collectibles. These assets can be managed, resold, and utilized in various way on the Copernic Space platform.
— Ok, I'm all in. What's next?
— Join our Discord, Twitter and sign up for the Virtual Payload sale of the Lunar Outpost MAPP Rover. This sale of the first true space asset will alow you to not only have ownership of space on the Moon as a tradable NFT but provide you with various utilities tied to it. We also have an upcoming AMA with Polygon, great opportunities for our Community, and more news coming very soon so stay tuned!
About Copernic Space
Copernic Space is the web3 marketplace to access ownership and opportunities in space. We tokenize space assets and ventures to facilitate economic participation and growth in the most valuable market for life on earth.

The sale of tokenized payload space on Lunar Outpost's MAPP Rover headed to the Moon is currently available on the Copernic Space marketplace.
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