The First-Ever SpaceArt NFT Exhibition
May 31 / 2021
Written By Karol SPerczyński

"World Dances" by Danuta Rothschild

Last month Copernic Space and the Lady Rocket Foundation held the first-ever Space Art NFT Exhibition at the Palm Beach Art, Antique & Design Showroom. Held on the 29th of April, this unique event showcased the emerging Space Art market and outlined how the use of new technologies, such as NFTs, can affect and revolutionize the modern economy. The exhibition marked the unveiling of original space artworks by Danuta Rothschild and Linda Gajek. Ms. Rothschild’s paintings are available as physical art with a linked non-fungible token, emitted to the ethereum blockchain, while Ms. Gajek’s work is available exclusively in digital and NFT format. You can bid on all of these works here.
The event is a part of Copernic Space’s and Lady Rocket Foundation’s mission for bringing the space sector and the space art market together. The co-organizer Lady Rocket Foundation aims to excite and empower everyday people in taking up an interest and potentially an entrepreneurial position in the space economy. Copernic Space and Lady Rocket, who both have deep ties to the art industry, believe that space art is an exciting opportunity to extend our space reach and grow the global community of space enthusiasts, inspiring more people to uncover the wonders & the beauty of space. We've already covered this exciting mission of the Lady Rocket Foundation in our previous article.

"Marsketball" by Lidia Gajek

The exhibition saw the unveiling of physical art tied to and represented by a token created on the ethereum blockchain. One of the ideas behind NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, is that they can be thought of as unique, immutable proofs of ownership of intellectual property, rights, art, and more. They’re held not on centralized systems but rather are replicated throughout the network of interconnected nodes that form the blockchain. This process can allow for much more efficient and secure rights management and data commercialization, one of the leading ideas behind Copernic Space’s mission for improving access to digital space assets. Although the platform will focus on facilitating the acquisition of satellite data or financing space ventures, this first-of-a-kind exhibition is a lead-up to the first-ever Space art NFT gallery that will have a permanent presence on the Copernic Space marketplace. Stay tuned for upcoming news around our further Space Art NFT activity.

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