Lady Rocket: Giving Space a Human Face
May 20 / 2021
Written By Karol SPerczyński
Eva Blaisdell, also known as Lady Rocket, is a 3rd generation Aviation/Space investor and entrepreneur. A unique philanthropist for Earth and Space, Lady Rocket is the creator of the Lady Rocket Foundation that leads the mission for igniting a passion for space through innovation in entrepreneurship development, education, arts, media, and space-related entertainment. A former Silicon Valley executive of HP-Compaq, she has been responsible for pushing progressive commercial ventures in the tech and space realms for decades and is also the Co-Founder of Copernic Space. Residing in Los Angeles, Lady Rocket is engaged in LA’s entertainment, space, and cultural scenes, where she builds her unique Space initiatives, startups, and Space philanthropy. She has created her own unique space style that brings about a more attractive and authentic connection with Space to the general public. With her hallmark Lady Rocket colored hair and space fashion, Lady Rocket inspires people to look for their role in the emerging Space economy outside of only STEM. Lady Rocket is heavily invested in the Vandenberg Space Base and Lompoc area where for the last several years she has been actively engaged in working with Lompoc youth, who, despite living next door to Vandenberg Air Force Base, have few opportunities for Space participation and education. Lady Rocket dedicates her space passion, space knowledge, and her position in the industry to champion Art and Space as an integrated human endeavor. With her initiatives supporting renowned and lesser-known space artists and entrepreneurs across many communities around the world, Lady Rocket is building a new era of space accessibility for everyone.

The Mission behind Lady Rocket

The Lady Rocket Foundation aims to bring more attention to the flourishing topic of our space endeavors and show that it shouldn't be exclusive just to a group of billionaires, a few governments, and those who are already embedded into the industry. Space needs to be presented in a more appealing, inclusive, relatable, and human way as an inspiring topic, a source of provoking questions, and the future of all of us. She believes that it’s important we engage more and more people into the world of space, grow the global community of space enthusiasts, and better show how exciting this monumental part of the global economy truly is. The Lady Rocket Foundation set out with the goal to redefine the space industry, build new space not just as an area of expertise but a new, exciting frontier with benefits for all of humanity. Eva believes that we need to make sure that we build the space industry on the principles of sharing knowledge, excitement, and establishing better, equal access to space and the economic opportunity it provides.

Lady Rocket works to solve many of the issues she, herself, has faced as a female, immigrant, Space entrepreneur. The struggle of lack of access and funding vehicles for entrepreneurs and visionaries such as herself are not walls that most can break down like she has been able to do. Whether it is directly working with youth through the Lady Rocket Foundation, or building the solutions needed to humanize and enable global and open access to space through Copernic Space, Lady Rocket invests herself into progressing the possibilities of space both on the ground and through technology.

The origins of the Lady Rocket Foundation formally reach back to 2015 when Eva Blaisdell actively began working with entrepreneurs and the local community of the city of Lompoc, located around the Vandenberg Air Force Base. Along with local support, she won the bid to create The California Space Center and continued to grow her endeavors by establishing the Lady Rocket Foundation. Eva envisioned it to be a great way to share knowledge about the space industry with kids and students both locally and internationally. She aims to inspire about the topic of space exploration by approaching it differently - emphasizing how exciting and intriguing it is, reaching out to people less well-acquainted with space, showcasing the beauty of space art, music, and culture, sharing knowledge, and building the global network of space enthusiasts. Her goal is to popularize the subject, educate, inspire, make it so that anyone who dreams of it, given enough work and courage, can find a place in the space industry, become an astronaut.

Lady Rocket Foundation, Art and Culture

Media, art and music, and the growth of the Space Culture play a significant role in creating the new age of space. They are the means of our expression, and they help us show that space is a lot more than just science and technology. They showcase the inspiration that has driven the creation and development of the space industry. The inspiration to do more, to create, improve, explore and inspire others. They bring attention to people behind space, without whom a sector like this would never exist. They emphasize that it’s our own feats and goals that build the future of the industry, and they underline that the power to change the landscape of space lies in our hands.
The Lady Rocket Foundation has strong ties with the art & culture industry. The foundation supports space artists, holds art exhibitions at places of great historical value for the space sector, such as the Vandenberg Air Force Base, organizes space concerts and parties, and builds the presence of space in the media. Lady Rocket believes that we can make space much more appealing for the general public, that we can turn space events into thrilling and engaging space parties that focus less on the technicalities and more on excitement on what’s to come. She hopes to bring more talent to space, reach out to more and more people willing to transform their inspiration into a bigger space vision.

Most recently, Copernic Space and the Lady Rocket Foundation created the first-ever Space Art NFT Exhibition on the 29th of April. Held at the Palm Beach Design showroom, it highlighted the emerging space art sector and the use of new technologies, such as NFTs, by both space and art industries. Be on the lookout, as we’ll go more in-depth about this exciting event in an upcoming article and other exciting releases we have leading up to full platform launch.

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