Explore, Acquire, Thrive
Unlock the Economic and Tangible Benefits of Space Assets
Explore, Acquire, Thrive
Copernic Space is a revolutionary decentralized platform that unlocks the potential of space assets. Our mission is to democratize access to the space economy and create the marketplace for space assets, enabling individuals and organizations to benefit from the value of space assets.
Browse our marketplace to discover a wide range of space assets, from satellite imagery licenses to opportunities for investing in rocket payloads.
Seamlessly acquire space assets of your choice, leveraging our user-friendly platform and streamlined buying processes.
Unlock the economic benefits of space assets, generate new revenue streams, and contribute to the growth of the space economy.
How it Works
Why Choose Copernic Space
Unique Opportunity
Be part of the high-growth space industry with the potential for attractive returns and portfolio diversification.
Exclusive Partnerships:
Access a diverse range of tokenized space assets, including payloads and satellite imagery licenses, through our partnerships with over a dozen leading space companies.
Economically Accessible:
Benefit from our commitment to offering the most affordable terms on the market, ensuring accessibility for all investors.
Secondary Market
Trade and sell tokenized space assets on our robust marketplace, maximizing your investment potential and liquidity.
Cutting-Edge Technology
Leverage blockchain and web3 advancements to securely and transparently manage your space assets.
Want to tokenize your space assets or acquire space assets?
Discover our exclusive Space Passport NFT collection, a gateway to owning unique digital assets representing iconic space landmarks and missions. Collect and showcase your passion for space exploration.
Space Passport NFT Collection
We work with many space companies and commercial partners to build our platform and related space asset sales.
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News and Media
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In development since 2020, Copernic Space recently launched its marketplace where space industry players can tokenise...
"Copernic Space and Lunar Outpost target space commercialization via NFTs"
"New wealth to be made and lives to be saved by democratising space"
"The future of NFTs: Democratising space and digitising endangered species"
"Copernic Space unveils platform with sale of lunar payload"
We work with many space companies and commercial partners to build our platform and related space asset sales.
Grant Blaisdell
Lady Rocket
CEO of Space Economy Rising
Kevin O'Connell
Pylyp Radionov
Team & Advisors
Meet our team and advisors representing 3 generations of activity in the space economy, including decades of combined leadership experience in startups, government, and Fortune 100's.
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