Copernic Space Ambassadors: Introducing Inara Tabir
Aug 8 / 2021
Written By Inara Tabir
I have been involved in the NewSpace movement, now called the OpenSpace movement, for 15 years, and am excited to be joining the Copernic Space team. I look at the space-industry ecosystem as a giant puzzle to be solved and I connect people and organizations to get a look at the bigger picture of what we are capable of as a species. Besides being the CEO of Galaxis Aerospace, I am the co-host of Cosmic Waves on IROC radio in my persona as “the Galaxis Gal”. On our show we examine the culture of space, talking about where we are going and how we are getting there. I joined Copernic Space because they are solving a key piece of what we need: Liberating space from the wasteland cycles of grants, VC courting, and bureaucratic commercialization so that we can all build the future NOW. I partner with various space organizations in order to bridge them with the public because I believe if we have the engagement of the public that the entertainment and sports industries have we will be living beyond the Kuiper belt in a couple of generations. Making space and space assets more engaging and taking it out of the niche world and into the wider world is vital for this coming decade of space entrance. The platform Copernic Space is building represents a paradigm shift and that’s the party I want to dance at.

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