How will crypto & NFTs play an integral role in the future of your access to Space?

Watch @gbsavant talk with @TheBTCQueen at @bitbaselmiami to explore how our #Web3 marketplace brings real space-assets to the masses!
About Copernic Space
Copernic Space is the platform to acquire, access, buy and sell space assets, payload, venture tokens and services in one marketplace.

By enabling access to space assets and ventures using blockchain technology, Copernic Space unlocks the benefits of the space economy to the mass market providing space ventures the marketplace to sell, and expand the commercialization of their marketable assets. As we lead into the first Moon asset sales on our platform, we launched Spaceibles, the first digital market for space art, collectibles, and more!

The Copernic Space marketplace also provides opportunities for space ventures to attain financing. Copernic Space is the web3 marketplace to access ownership and opportunities in space.

We tokenize space assets and ventures to facilitate economic participation and growth in the most valuable market for life on earth.

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