Discover Copernic Space new logo for the launch of Spaceibles!

As we lead into the launch of Spaceibles and the Lunar Outpost MAPP Rover sale on the Copernic Space marketplace we wanted bring you a fresh look that better reflects what we are. Something that shows us at the center of the space economy and its growth.
Welcome the new Copernic Space logo and explore the meaning behind it!

The Sun
The heart at the center of our solar system
Accessible to all
The fuel for life on Earth to grow
The space economy gets a Sun
To fuel a better life
For all on Earth

Our story to democratize space spans 3 generations

We know the future of Earth
Depends on who has access to space

So we created an economic operating system
The Sun at the center
fueling the most valuable market for Earth

Empowering access
To the wealth and benefits of Space
For all

Copernic Space
The web3 marketplace for space assets and ventures

About Copernic Space
Copernic Space is the web3 marketplace to access ownership and opportunities in space. We tokenize space assets and ventures to facilitate economic participation and growth in the most valuable market for life on earth.

The sale of tokenized payload space on Lunar Outpost's MAPP Rover headed to the Moon is currently available on the Copernic Space marketplace.

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