Kevin O'Connell joins Copernic Space Advisory Board

Kevin O'Connell
Kevin O'Connell joins Copernic Space
Apr 20 / 2022
Copernic Space, the Web3 marketplace for space assets and investments, announced that Kevin O'Connell, the former Director of the Office of Space Commerce at the U.S. Department of Commerce and CEO of Space Economy Rising, has joined the startup's Advisory Board.
A leading figure advocating for improved commercial access to the space economy, Kevin brings four decades of experience to Copernic Space to help navigate the Web3 startup through various stages of growth.

An expert on space commerce, the global space economy, international intelligence, and how space commercialization affects the world, O'Connell was also a senior research analyst at RAND, served on the U.S. National Security Council, and in the Office of the Vice President of the United States.
"Working at the nexus of multiple disruptive technologies, Copernic Space will create widespread participation and efficiency by enabling access to a broad class of space assets and millions of space-based transactions" – said O'Connell.

Copernic Space as a Web3 digital platform to buy and sell space assets and services sets the foundation for the new space economy and the standard for the commercialization of space and related investments.
The platform is not only looking to scale up the already $500b space economy but be the home for other space-related companies, including web3 and space-related crypto companies building a diverse ecosystem.

"We're excited for Kevin O'Connell to join the Copernic Space team. Someone of his stature standing behind what we do only makes us feel stronger about working to become the economic operating system for space in the digital economy. Undoubtedly, he will strengthen our business and execute our strategy. His extensive knowledge and hands-on collaboration with us will expand our effectiveness within the space industry and wider new space economy" – said Grant Blaisdell, CEO of Copernic Space.

The first true space asset Copernic Space will be offering is the first-ever sale of tokenized payload. In the first commercial lunar rover mission partnered with Lunar Outpost, you can not only buy the rights to send a physical lunar payload through Copernic Space but fractionalize ownership of that payload and resell it to the retail market; creating new economic opportunities. This new marketplace also represents breaking down the barriers of entry into the space economy to where any person can participate and become an owner or investor in space.

Copernic Space stands to be the marketplace and economic operating system for space in the digital economy that unlocks its true potential. Kevin O'Connell's participation will help the startup have access to a wealth of knowledge and connections at the highest levels of the space industry and help Copernic Space define and deliver solutions tailor-made for the needs of the space companies within it.
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