Copernic Space leads NFT discussion at the European Economic Congress

Eva Blaisdell aka Lady Rocket, co-founder of Copernic Space, talked with panelists about how NFTs will become a key part of the new Space Economy.

Straight in from Los Angeles where she recently met with Kamala Harris and spoke about space debris Vandenberg Space Force Base, Eva joined other leading personalities in the regional NFT market on stage.

Apr 27/ 2022

This included people such as Piotr Jaƛkiewicz of the law firm Baker McKenzie, the founder of the Fanadise and Fancy Bears NFTs, Bartek Sibiga and heads of the largest art auction houses in the region.

The collision of Space and NFTs has become a more important topic since Copernic Space began bringing applications to the market and along with the revent engagement with the technology by companies such as Lunar Outpost and Axiom.

Accompanied by the CEO of Copernic Space, Grant Blaisdell, the Copernic Space founders gave multiple media interviews about the opportunity that sits within the democratization of Space.
Soon the space asset class will represent one of the largest and most important markets, and the engine driving that marketplace on Copernic Space will be applying the unique capabilities of Web3 to the fullest.

As the Web3 marketplace for space assets, we're making economic access to the space market available for everyone.

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