Copernic Space and Gr@vity team up to take major brands
into outer space

The web3 marketplace for space assets and the space marketing agency are enabling brands to create their own private label experiences in space.
Accessibility to space is being opened up by groups of companies offering a variety of products and services that will create new ways to commercialize and experience outer space. Two of them have struck up to offer new ways for brands to not only access space but create their own unique related assets for their client base and communities.

Copernic Space's marketplace offers the capability to tokenize and trade ownership in space assets that include certain utilities, for example sending a physical artifact to the Moon on a rover.

Gr@vity helps space organizations connect with brands to get them to space while creating surrounding marketing, content, and business development campaigns. This will create wider revenue and public communication opportunities for the space economy while enabling brands to bring to market new kinds of experiences and assets.

"Right now there are so many cool things going on in space but you probably have no idea about any of them," said Zach Zeurcher, Founder of Gr@vity. "That's because it's unrealistic to do so. It would be the equivalent of downloading an app for every social media influencer to keep up with their content vs downloading Tik Tok or YouTube. What Copernic Space is accomplishing is delivering a place to go directly to interact with all the cool things happening in space."

The teams share a vision that the next era of unique branding opportunities will be in space and there is a market need to facilitate that capability. Their joint experience in web3 also gives the capability to amplify and build stronger and more engaged communities for brands through the medium of space.

"When creating Copernic Space we knew that an important driver of this new and digital space economy will be brands. That's why we're so excited to work with Gr@vity on a close level as we can push the progress of this market in faster and more engaging ways. Together with Gr@vity we will not only take more brands into outer space but create true branded space assets using NFTs that have their own economic life and potential," said Grant Blaisdell, CEO & Co-Founder of Copernic Space.

The collaboration will offer brands space assets representing a variety of space opportunities that can then be personalized to represent a brand along with various commercialization models and utilities for their customers.
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About Copernic Space
Copernic Space is building the economic infrastructure for space.
The Web3 platform for space assets and investments, Copernic Space enables space ventures to tokenize and offer their assets to the commercial market while empowering companies and individuals to have ownership in the space economy of tomorrow, today.
As we lead into the first Moon asset sales on our platform, we launched Spaceibles, the digital market for space creators and collectors.

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About Gr@vity
Gr@vity is the first and only global marketing agency in the world to have the logistical capacity and technical know-how to launch a groundbreaking world's first marketing campaign in space.
We bridge the polar opposite worlds of STEM, creativity, and everything in between for the world's most novel and engaging marketing.

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Zach Zeurcher (Gr@vity commercial partnership opportunities and the Terraformers NFT platform)
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