Copernic Space Ambassador introduces herself
Copernic Space Ambassadors: Introducing Aya Hesham Sayed
Meet our next Copernic Space Ambassador
Jun 19 / 2021
Meet Aya, our newest Ambassador at Copernic Space. A highly motivated medical student interested in space medicine and an aspiring space paramedic, Aya looks to combine her medical knowledge with a passion for space innovation. Her experience ranges from authorizing a cross-sectional study about the correlation between traveling to Mars and personality traits to contributing to many space projects, such as the LBNP importance in long-duration missions at the University of California, San Diego, or the Hamlet project at DLR. Aya has also been a speaker at international conferences in Egypt, Australia, Mexico, and Tunisia. In addition to her vast activity in space medicine entrepreneurship, she was nominated as the first space medicine entrepreneur in Egypt. Her quote of choice is: “If you don’t find a path, go and create one”. Aya’s dream is to lead an innovative space medicine company and to make space tourism accessible for everyone.
I joined Copernic space cause I found the use of Blockchain technology very promising. The services Copernic space provides can make space more accessible and the operations of many companies around the world easier.
Aya Hesham Sayed, Copernic Space Ambassador
Stay tuned, as we’ll be sure to introduce more of our Copernic Space Ambassadors in the upcoming articles. And if you’re interested in becoming an Ambassador, make sure to contact us!

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