Copernic Space MVP Launch
Feb 18 / 2021
Written By Sean Brooks
We recently launched our MVP and are working with our partners on some exciting use cases for the commercial launch of Copernic Space. The Marketplace will unlock downstream apps, IP and software onto the world. We’re currently executing transactions using blockchain technology to acquire and access digital space assets such as satellite imagery, EO, and more. This allows our users to cut down the entire process from month to hours, or even minutes.

Now, related space enterprises can better manage and monetize their digital space assets while the global market benefits from an easy way to discover, acquire, and access them.

Currently, our partners can register ownership of their assets, create offers for interested parties on the marketplace, and transfer related ownership and rights through non-fungible tokens, to the perspective acquirer.

Asset ownership and payment transfers are tied to smart contracts and executed through a blockchain-based system(SmartOffer), allowing for automatization and simultaneous value transfer of your digital assets such as satellite data or earth observation data(EO).
This Blockchain-powered platform built on an NFT and Smart Contract environment, Copernic Space enables these “digital space assets” to be commercialized globally with trust and security. The Copernic Space Marketplace will offer a seamless, standardized, and transparent digital space asset experience that allows companies and individuals around the world to participate in and benefit from the Space economy.
Our next iteration of the MVP will also feature our SmartFund where space-related projects can showcase themselves and garner financial support from the public. Built on a token sale mechanism, the SmartFund democratizes wealth generation in the space economy and provides new opportunities to build the future of space. Finally, the wider public gets financial inclusion in space while space projects have an alternative funding model.

Stayed tuned for more on our social media! We're working to make acquiring digital space assets a few clicks away!

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