Copernic Space and WEOM to Build a SpacePort for Space Commerce and Experiences in the Metaverse

WEOM and Copernic Space have teamed up to create the foundation for space in the digital world. The partnership will bring accessibility to space assets and experiences to WEOM's 0.0 Island in the Metaverse. With Copernic Space, WEOM will create a Space Port on WEOM's 0.0 Island, where users will have access to a wide range of space-related experiences and assets. This will be made possible through the integration of the Copernic Space marketplace, which will allow users to interact with real space assets, such as lunar landers from major space companies, and purchase access and utility to them through WEOM's Metaverse.

In addition to the space-related experiences and assets, the Copernic Space Port will also feature galleries of SpaceArt, fashion, collectibles and more from the Space Art & Culture marketplace, Spaceibles, created by Copernic Space. This will allow users to immerse themselves in the world of space art and culture, interact with leading artists and creators, and explore the many different ways they can experience and purchase space art, fashion, and more.

Overall, the partnership between WEOM and Copernic Space will bring a whole new dimension to how the space market can function, allowing users to explore and experience space in ways that were never before possible.

If you're a fan of space and all things related, sign up for the Copernic Space Passport Waitlist here.

About WEOM

Our mission is to create the primary platform to envision a sustainable future and protect the sovereignty of humanity.
One where humans without privilege or prejudice can come together as cohesive communities to create meaningful progress..
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About Copernic Space

Copernic Space is building the economic infrastructure for space.
The Web3 platform for space assets and investments, Copernic Space enables space ventures to tokenize and offer their assets to the commercial market while empowering companies and individuals to have ownership in the space economy of tomorrow, today.
As we lead into the first Moon asset sales on our platform, we launched Spaceibles, the digital market for space creators and collectors.
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