Spaceman to create outer space Web3 assets with Copernic Space

With Copernic Space, Spaceman will be creating unique Spaceman assets that have either gone to space or represent assets in space
Mar 30 / 2022
Recent trends in web 3 and decentralized technology have taken the world by storm. Rapid innovations from different teams are pushing forward the ecosystem with accelerated global adoption. Web3 is building roots across industries on earth and in the case of Spaceman teaming up with Copernic Space, in outer space.

The space sector represents one of the fastest-growing and most important sectors in the modern economy. Front-running engineering developments, the sector facilitates advancements in technology that later is adapted to consumer usage. With the rise of SpaceX and the privatization of the space sector, many private companies are working on ideas ranging from reusable launchers to ballon based space tourism. However, the major constraint in private space companies is complex sales and funding processes which can be solved by applying blockchain technology using methods such as tokenisation of assets and ICOs according to PwC.

Copernic Space is effectively combining the usage of blockchain and the space sector. It enables the tokenization and commercialization of space-based assets in a unified marketplace. This would give global access to people to trade space assets and finance space ventures thus accelerating the development of the space industry and democratizing its ownership. Using mixed reality, the goal of Spaceman is to create immersive space experiences through a collection of NFTs that enable access to space science and fiction. With Copernic Space, Spaceman will be creating unique Spaceman space assets that have either gone to space or represent assets in space. Spaceman will be able to acquire rights and capabilities to space assets that they can then use to create their own unique space assets.

Among planned collaborations, Copernic Space will facilitate the process of digitally transmitting a special Spaceman NFT to the International Space Station's onboard computers orbiting around 400 km above the Earth's surface. The Spaceman space assets will then be downlinked and tokenized, which will be made available for purchase on the Copernic Space marketplace. These special spaceman NFTs can be purchased to become a member of the global spaceman community and to have access to the further developments of the Spaceman projects. The potential tokenization and utility of such assets are only limited by one's imagination.

Spaceman and Copernic Space team will be launching their collaboration with a Copernic Space x Spaceman collectors NFT as they continue working with each other on future space assets and concepts.