Space for the Inspired: Meet Andrew Parris, a Copernic Space Passport Holder

Oct 10 / 2023
Dr.Monika Copernic Space
Meet the brilliant minds shaping the future of space, Web3, and more in our Space Passport Holder Spotlight series! Copernic Space Passport holders are innovators, entrepreneurs, and scientists. Join this distinguished group and discover the opportunities in the New Space Economy.
Introducing Andrew Parris:

Andrew Parris spent 13 years as a Broadcast Television Engineer for NASA from 1987 to 2000. He supported space shuttle launches and landings, documented ISS construction, flew Zero-G on NASA's Microgravity Research Aircraft, SCUBA dived with astronauts training for spacewalks and much more.

In the last 3 years Andrew has returned to the space community as part of his lifelong dream of living and working in space. He has brought his enthusiasm and love for all things space to the world of Web 3 and our future space economy.

Andrew decided to acquire Copernic Space Passports to further his investment in Web3 and the space economy as well as helping to inspire others to join in and improve our world. As President of the Inspired 24, Andrew saw an incredible opportunity to raise awareness of the I24 while helping support a small aerospace company reach its full potential.

A leading Copernic Space Passport holder with a double digit holding, Andrew has already utilized his Passports to send his Inspired24 brand to space on SpaceForest's Perun Rocket.
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