Space Art & Culture
Mar 31 / 2021
Written By Karol SPerczyński
As the vast majority of the observable universe remains undiscovered and the deepest space secrets continue to hide from our sight, the cosmos leaves us with the feeling of curiosity and interest in the unknown. Every year we strive for further discoveries, yet space remains mostly a mystery, one that appears to be on our mind every time we look into the night sky. This feeling of curiosity translates well into art, as even some of the first artworks of humanity, dating millennia back, are centered around the theme of a starry night sky. And through mediums such as film, music, fashion, or art, the topic of space continues to reside within our modern-day popular culture. This article is the beginning of a series dedicated to Space Art & Culture. Here, we showcase the creators and artists we know, discuss some of the possible effects of their works on the future of the space economy, as well as provide news and insights into Copernic Space’s activities in the field.

The Importance of Space Art & Culture

The major engineering feat of space exploration requires us to look beyond what is apparent in the present and seek answers in the future. Art can be a source of inspiration that helps us better understand the beauty of space and showcases this excitement for discovering the cosmos to a broader audience. It can also play a significant role in the spreading of knowledge about the universe, as it ties together the cultural and scientific aspects of space exploration into works of art. It often presents a better, more eye-catching way to engage those who did not previously have an interest in the cosmos. Art could also help raise awareness about the problems we are dealing with, such as space debris. Issues alike require us to not only engage on a financial or research level but also demand better recognition among the general public. We now need to devote more attention to such problems and build our social responsibility to keep being able to access the marvel of space in the coming decades. Art is a canvas of possibilities for the space industry that could help us lead the development of space exploration over the coming decades.

The Copernic Space Mission

Jacket from LadyRocket
designed by Mariko Design
At Copernic Space, we have worked for years with artists, painters, fashion designers, and more to bring space further into the cultural mainstream and push its development through popularization in the collective consciousness. Our Co-Founder Lady Rocket is, to our best knowledge, the first person to do an art show during a rocket launch, a SpaceX flight departure from the Vandenberg Air Force Base. She is also the creator of LadyRocket and BabyRocket fashion lines and has been responsible for many other culture-and-space-themed initiatives with her Lady Rocket Foundation. We firmly believe in space art & culture being a key driver in shaping our outlook on the direction of our space endeavors. We’re now working on bringing space art and culture closer to space enthusiasts and the general public alike. We’re developing and applying our own solutions to allow for the space art and culture market to digitally scale and really take off. Our goal is to innovate and push the global space market, and that is why we're dedicated to delivering groundbreaking solutions that will empower the future of the space industry. We apply new technologies, such as blockchain, not only to push the commercialization of space assets, such as satellite data, but we also seek to build a better foundation for space art and culture. Currently, we are preparing to launch the first-ever NFT-powered gallery dedicated to the digital acquisition of space art. Be on the lookout for more from this content series, our related news, and the eventual launch of the first NFT SpaceArt Gallery as we continue our commitment to bringing space and popular culture together. Now, meet Astrography.


As mentioned, in this series we will highlight people and entities we collaborate with that are working in the Space Art and Culture segment. Among them are businesses that pride themselves in offering top-notch quality physical and digital art, with some, like Astrography, focusing mainly on the topic of space. The company launched in 2019 owing to a long passion for astrophotography by Astrography’s co-founder and CEO Adam Jesionkowicz. He and co-owner Artur Kurasiński have run businesses together for the previous 20 years and consequently decided to establish a company dedicated to selling first-rate space art. The marketplace started off with the main idea that all artworks were to be printed on gallery-quality paper, uniquely numbered, and adorned with the author’s signature, with client satisfaction in mind. Astrography’s mission is not only to sell space-themed art but also to help educate people about the aforementioned marvel of space.
We focused on the photos of space because we see how much we and our audience are moved by the subject of space, travel between planets, and the mystery of the origin of the universe. In the era of galloping technology and taking pictures probably everywhere on Earth we still want to believe that the Mystery is waiting for us - this time we turn our eyes upwards, to the stars.
We try to interest our customers not only with a nice photo but also with the scientific facts related to it.
Artur Kurasiński
The cosmos around is wonderful in its mystery, and tying in knowledge into art seems to be a great way of stimulating our interest in space as well as sharing insights into the universe. Be on the lookout as we'll dive into the topic of space & culture more in the upcoming articles.

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