Sit down with Eva Blaisdell,
co-founder of Copernic Space

Introducing the incredible woman, entrepreneur, art & fashion creator, philanthropist, space personality, and proud mother of @gbsavant
Eva Blaisdell aka Lady Rocket, co-founder of Copernic Space
Ula: Thank you for having me, please tell me what you were doing for the last few weeks, I know you were busy…
Eva: I visited Poland due to EEC in Katowice, where I was a speaker at one of the most interesting panels there: "NFT market. Investing in unique digital objects". It was a very good opportunity for Copernic Space to be present in Europe and share our experience and knowledge.
— You were there speaking about building a web3 platform for buying, selling and managing space assets. So how are you tying this to NFTs?
— The Copernic Space platform applies NFTs in a way, that will stand as a standard for the future economy on earth and not just space. This includes using them to represent fractional ownership of space on rovers and satellites to representing a license and access point to satellite data itself. In the near future a lot of people will be using NFTs without having to know it, and we are setting the standard for that future but also using NFTs as they're being popularly applied today.
Look at Copernic Space's project called "Satellite Rhinos".
This is an NFT initiative focused on facilitating resources to "Saving the Survivors" to better help them protect endangered rhino's.

The first series in the initiative was created by the artist Sam Price and we are continuing to build towards our overall goal, which is to enable Saving the Survivors to easily acquire satellite imagery through the Copernic Space marketplace that can significantly improve their operations.

Helping and supporting Earth, people and animals is written in the DNA of the Copernic Space company, as this is something I value in my personal life. And we're showing how space and this technology together can improve realities on earth, today.
— And now you have just come back from Ukraine. I was told that you brought supplies for the biggest Hospital in the city, you visited the Polish School in Lviv where you initiated your Lady Rocket Mission, can you please explore that?
— We want to be as action focused as possible so we do a lot of community work. That is the philosophy I use in my personal and business life. During my stay with family I started artistic and social local initiatives and that brought me to organizing transport of supplies for Ukraine in just a few days.

I visited one of the hospitals in Lviv and donated needed supplies. And what is more – this is not just a one time visit, we will continue to support and grow our space related programs there.
— And then you visited a school in Lviv…?
— Lady Rocket Mission is one of the biggest projects I run and its aim is to teach and inspire kids to think about Space, regardless of their affinity towards STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). We've already run successful programs in school systems in California, Lithuania, and recently in Croatia already, and we plan to develop it in other countries as well, so starting the process in Lviv was natural for me..
— It's great to see you apply the same mission across Copernic Space and the Lady Rocket foundation of enabling access to space assets to everyone. You don't need to be a millionaire to enter a new space economy! So, I can see a pattern here as the liberation of Space through the accessibility to knowledge, the economy, technology and assets is very important for you as Eva Blaisdell, but also for you as a co-founder of Copernic Space and creator of The Lady Rocket Foundation.
— I don't think you can separate those things. For me it is natural that what you do and what you believe in you in your personal life, will be transformed to commercial and philanthropy activities as well. The idea of democratization of Space was started by my father and I am continuing his mission, so is my son.

When opportunities appear I just take them and make them happen. I do this not only the co-founder of Copernic Space but also as the creator of The Lady Rocket Foundation. This is my way of helping build the future of space by involving kids, helping Ukraine in this case, creating initiatives to protect endangered animals like Satellite Rhino, supporting artists and local communities, and improving Earth through Space.
— Thank you for this quick walk through your latest activities. I know that there will be more coming up soon so I'm looking forward to catching up with you.
— As long as the earth keeps spinning so will I. Happy to share more of the incredible things that are coming at the right time.
May 16/ 2022
About Copernic Space
Copernic Space is the web3 marketplace to access ownership and opportunities in space. We tokenize space assets and ventures to facilitate economic participation and growth in the most valuable market for life on earth.

The sale of tokenized payload space on Lunar Outpost's MAPP Rover headed to the Moon is currently available on the Copernic Space marketplace.
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About The Lady Rocket Foundation
Lady Rocket Foundation's mission is to make space more relevant on Earth by championing and initiating space innovations that improve humanity on Earth, before we occupy space.
Created to inspire women and minorities, to see themselves as founders of new space ventures, the Foundation has created a series of youth, community, and entrepreneurship initiatives around the world and uses its team's 50+ years of entrepreneurship and senior management experience in the education, media, technology, and space to bring extensive knowledge and partners to the table. Lady Rocket Foundation has been granted 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status as a public charity.
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