Enabling access to space

Acquire, access and manage all your space assets in one place, from payload space to venture tokens

Enabling access to space
Acquire and sell space assets and finance space ventures through a single interface
Streamline processes, create new monetization models, and scale commercial development
Managment and Procurement
Access and manage your space assets, automate procurement, and create auditable revenue sharing and royalty models
No matter what you are wanting to do in space, we have something for you
Join us early and be our Astronaut
Monetize your space assets or get the financing you need to accomplish your mission
Space Ventures
Discover or request the space assets you want and access all of them under one roof
Space Buyers
Own a piece of space and get the opportunity to finance and invest in mankind's future
People & Investors
Join our growing global team of space builders and spread access to space around the world
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