New wealth to be made and lives to be saved by democratizing space
Many of us forget that a large portion of our daily lives and activities are based around technology and data that originated from space applications.
Many of us forget that a large portion of our daily lives and activities are based around technology and data that originated from space applications. These range from influencing how the crops you consume yield to the visualizations your favorite artist uses during their concert.
With the Space market set to reach a trillion dollars in the near future, it is impossible to measure the exact potential of unlocking downstream Space assets or what Copernic Space calls digital Space assets such as satellite data, IP, and software in a democratized way for the wider market and public access, but it will surely be substantial and disruptive. The amount of financial support and investment capital that could be poured in by the global population for countless startups and even NASA is hard to accurately gauge. Both are brimming with a new age of wealth creation and innovation and blockchain technology can be a key to unlocking it.

A group of entrepreneurs and industry veterans from Aerospace, Fortune 500 tech companies and leading blockchain startups have come together to build the marketplace to unlock untold value of digital Space assets for the benefit of their owners and the wider world. This new marketplace, Copernic Space, is set to launch soon with exclusive early adopter partners and related use cases, but already has a generational story behind it.

The driving force behind Copernic Space are the daughter and grandson of a Polish Military Professor with independent works published by NASA. Eva and Grant Blaisdell continue his Space legacy through various initiatives including the Lady Rocket Foundation that focuses on providing entrepreneurial and space related experiences for underprivileged children from South Central Los Angeles to Lithuania. A former Compaq executive responsible for bringing the American computer industry and corporate charity into Central Europe after the fall of communism, Eva Blaisdell has been actively involved in various elements of the Space economy for years.

After dealing with many entrepreneurs, space related companies, and NASA during their endeavors, Eva and Grant are realizing the immense opportunity to provide an open marketplace. It will serve to not only allow these entities to commercialize their work with scale, but also attract attention and financial support from the public and wider business world. With Grant's experience and success in developing ventures around blockchain and regulatory technology such as Coinfirm, the realization came that it was possible to create such a marketplace for this soon to be trillion dollar economy, and to provide a new economic foundation for it going into the future based on this technology.

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