NFTs for Interplanetary Inclusion in Investment Access

Dec 23 / 2021
Space Tech experts join BitBasel to discuss NFTs raising awareness to make space exploration accessible to all. Having made it into orbit and the furthest depths of our oceans, ‘Seeker’ NFT sells for 22ETH.

The intrepid first explorers to space are garnering global attention and connecting us as a species to new heights of technological advancement. Through Inspiration4’s first civilian mission, artists from around the world have contributed 1 of 1 NFTs that have made it into orbit. Upon their return, the artworks will be auctioned off in an effort to raise a $200 million fundraising goal for St. Jude Children’s Hospital.
Among these works, the piece 'Seeker' by Dr. Sian Proctor - that has traveled to the depths of the ocean furthest from reach, the Mariana Trench, with @RichardGarriott, submerged to visit the Titanic ruins with @AstroDocScott and @minwadhwa, and beamed into orbit on @Inspiration4x sold for 22 ETH (~$100k) at BitBasel's live auction at the Sagamore during Miami Art Week. Artists Dr. Scian, the first African American female pilot in space, joined BitBasel to share her motto of how we can all create J.E.D.I. space (Just, Equitable, Diverse, and Inclusive) as we advance human spaceflight
the piece 'Seeker' by Dr. Sian Proctor
Copernic Space at BitBasel
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