VP Kamala Harris invites the private US space industry to join discussions about the future of space
The White House and the office of Vice President Kamala Harris have been more actively engaging with the United States Space Force and the space industry. Recently, they announced that VP Kamala Harris will be visiting Vandenberg Space Force Base and inviting select guests related to the space economy. Among them are Copernic Space founders Eva Blaisdell aka Lady Rocket and Grant Blaisdell who also serves as CEO.
Apr 16 / 2022
The Web3 marketplace for space assets and companies, Copernic Space, and the Lady Rocket Foundation have been making their mark in the Vandenberg Space Force Base area for years through on the ground activities bringing space experiences and education to local communities. Copernic Space has built the foundation for the new space economy with a digital web 3 platform providing a marketplace. The Copernic marketplace empowers space companies to better commercialize their assets, create business deals and grow the space economy. The greater benefit to everyone on earth is the democratization of access to space that enables economic participation for all.

"It's an honor for Copernic Space to be invited and we want to take this opportunity to relay to VP Harris and the White House the importance of democratizing and unlocking access to space for the American public. Democratizing access for the public will be the most important factor in economically fueling and benefitting from further advancements of the space economy."

Labeled as the budding Amazon of space, Copernic Space stands to be the marketplace and economic operating system for space in the digital economy that unlocks its true potential.