Copernic Space welcomes another future star onto the team.

December 30/ 2022
Izzy Garvey and Copernic Space
Copernic Space welcomes another future star onto the team. Learn more about Izzy below.
Isabella Garvey aka Izzy joined Copernic Space this past August as the lead UI/UX Intern focused on how our users perceive and interact with our platform. Izzy hails from Los Angeles and is a senior at the USC Marshall School of Business pursuing an undergraduate degree in Business Administration.
In addition to her work at Copernic Space she is currently working on an independent startup that focuses on end-of-life organization and family connection.

I'm enthusiastic about entrepreneurship, startups, and learning more about the emerging opportunities of Web3. As an entrepreneur, I joined Copernic Space to gain experience working in a fast-paced Web3 startup, develop my design thinking skills, and improve my cross-cultural literacy' - Izzy stated.

Among the things she's responsible for with Copernic Space and the platform includes content audits, offering creative design ideas and critiques, and reviewing platform communication to improve the user interface and experience. The entire Copernic Space team wants our community to welcome and support Izzy as she creates her independent route to the stars.

About Copernic Space
Copernic Space is building the economic infrastructure for space.
The Web3 platform for space assets and investments, Copernic Space enables space ventures to tokenize and offer their assets to the commercial market while empowering companies and individuals to have ownership in the space economy of tomorrow, today.
As we lead into the first Moon asset sales on our platform, we launched Spaceibles, the digital market for space creators and collectors.

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