Copernic Space featured in cryptoslate
Copernic Space in CryptoSlate: How NFTs are boosting efforts to save endangered Rhinos
Jun 25 / 2021
Recently we saw Saving the Survivors, the Lady Rocket Foundation, and Copernic Space announce their launch of the Satellite Rhino non-fungible token (NFT) series to help finance the organization’s needs to better rescue Rhinos from poaching.

Saving the Survivors, an organization that directs many of its efforts towards helping sustain the declining population of rhinos around South Africa, aims to take advantage of the possibilities presented by newer technologies to vastly improve their capability to save animals in need.

The organization looks to make use of satellite imagery and tracking technologies to revolutionize and improve the processes behind saving the rhino population, which is one of the reasons behind teaming up with Copernic Space and the Lady Rocket Foundation.

Read the full CryptoSlate article here.

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