Copernic Space Ambassadors: Introducing Tebogo Maphopha
Sep 14 / 2021
Written By Tebogo Maphopha
Hello, I’m Tebogo Maphopha, I’m a South African startup founder and “visionary architect”. As the Founder of Bantu Space Odyssey, an Aerospace startup focused on progressing the African space market by developing rocket engines, satellite constellations, manned mission programs, and an African Space Station.

I am joining the Copernic Space Ambassador team to be part of something that could advance and better the lives of billions of people across the world through enabling access to the space economy. Pioneering new markets, technology, and business models, I’ll be working with the wider Copernic Space ecosystem to advance both of our collective goals. A complete overhaul and rebirth of the world as we know are going to be largely driven by the space industry and Copernic Space has a vision that aligns with mine. Space is more than just a billionaire's playground and as this narrative simmers down the emergence of what comes after will be a simplification of access to space for the average person.

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