The 1st Copernic Space Ambassador introduces herself
Copernic Space Ambassadors: Introducing Martina Mihneva
We've launched the Ambassadors program and will be regularly introducing and releasing features about our Ambassadors all around the world. 
Apr 26 / 2021
Written By Martina Mihneva
I am a dreamer. I like exploring the world, meeting new cultures, spending time in nature, and watching the wildlife. Somehow, my soul is connected to everything alive, and only in nature I feel complete and free.

My love for Space dates back to the times when I grew up looking at the night sky. I remember the nights when my father showed me the bright moving objects that passed the sky above our garden and explained that they are the satellites flying in Earth orbit, powering the global communication network and observing the Earth. I used to spend a few hours every summer night observing the satellites, stars, and constellations. I have always found something magical and mystic in Space. In moments of stress, I look at the night sky, searching for falling stars to make a wish, and somehow I find the inspiration I need to continue fighting and creating a better reality.

I decided to join the Copernic Space Team and become an Ambassador because only observing the Earth from Space allows us to learn about the processes happening on Earth, like climate change, deforestation, wildlife migrations. By using digital technologies to process and share space data, we can create a brighter future for all species on our planet. We have only one home and it is time we take action and care for it properly. Platforms like Copernic Space are the modern meeting points where people and industries unite to achieve that change. Our ambitions of becoming a multiplanetary species, building cities, and bringing life to Mars, show that we shall develop the Space Economy and make it accessible for everyone on Earth.

My mission as a Copernic Space Ambassador is to bring allies on board, share the platform with as many as possible in developing countries where many industries and governments can benefit from the digital technologies and data coming from Space, and improve and ease the processes in companies and organizations.

We are a part of Space as human beings and science continues to prove that our bodies are little copies of the Universe.

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