Copernic Space Ambassador introduces Himself
Copernic Space Ambassadors: Introducing Kamal Singh
Meet our next Copernic Space Ambassador
Jul 6th / 2021
Meet our newest Ambassador at Copernic Space, Kamal Singh. Located in Delhi, he has 12 years of experience in the Advertising, Marketing, and Event Management industry and looks to combine his skills and knowledge with a passion for space innovation. He recently joined the Lady Rocket Foundation as a Digital Director and will be joining Copernic Space as an Ambassador to push digital branding and marketing elements along with on-the-ground awareness in India.
“I am looking forward to working with Copernic Space on their many plans for the future in changing how the general market and public access the space economy. Copernic Space is the perfect place to prove yourself and participate in space. It's great to see company leadership open up the opportunity to join this important mission.”
—Kamal Singh, Ambassador at Copernic Space
Make sure to stick around, as we’ll be introducing more of our Copernic Space Ambassadors in the upcoming articles. And if you’re interested in becoming an Ambassador yourself, contact us!

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