Copernic Space giving away Bitcoin to Space Industry 
During the Blockchain in Space panel at SATELLITE 2021 in Washington DC, our CEO will give Bitcoin to space industry participants to push awareness
Aug 24 / 2021
Copernic Space believes that the best way to push awareness and adoption of cryptocurrency within the Space industry is to directly place it in the hands of industry participants. Paper money was a technological revolution, so were credit cards, but at first, it wasn't so obvious to people (you know that person that still uses checks). Now it's much harder to think of our economy without them. While our CEO Grant Blaisdell will be speak about how blockchain can be applies to scale growth of the space economy while making its assets and benefits more accessible by the mass market, he will giveaway some bitcoin to 2 lucky attendees. More event details here. If you want to meet with us while we're there please contact us at