Copernic Space becomes founding member of space industry alliance

Grant Blaisdell CEO of Copernic Space
Nov 19 / 2021
The Edge Computing in Space Alliance has been created to help democratize access to space data, initially by executing the satellite-as-a-service concept, and define common technical specifications among industry players.

Led by Exodus Orbitals, founding members include Copernic Space, Exo-Space, Modularity Space, Orbital Transports, Spiral Blue, LEOcloud, SkyWatch OrbitsEdge , Deploy Solutions, IBEOS, Ramon.Space, KP Labs, and SpaceLink— in addition to Exodus Orbitals.

“Edge Computing in Space” is a new, emerging area in the space industry that can open an entirely new domain for software applications, similar in scale to web and mobile apps. While a number of companies are already working on different products and services in this niche, they all have to overcome perception and marketing challenges.

The alliance goals will include the development of common technical standards and protocols, cooperation on technology development projects, and promotion of participants’ products and services as well as better information sharing between its members, borrowing an approach commonly used in the IT industry.
Among our goals is to truly democratize access to the space market, and since we have already been working with Exodus Orbitals on proof of concepts to do so with Satellite imagery, we want to continue to take leadership roles in the market together to push that forward. Extending that collaboration across a growing group with a particular focus can not only benefit the entities within, but the world as a whole
Grant Blaisdell, Co-Founder and CEO of Copernic Space